I am the wife of my best friend, Chad. We have 2 children, Tristan and Trinity, 1 cat, Pixie, and a Jersey Wooly rabbit named Bugs. I am a Labor & Delivery nurse who loves to collect faeries, crochet, and read Christian Historical Fiction books. Occasionally you may find me reading other books, but I will always return to CHF books, usually set in the 1800s.

Big bother, Little sister

I cannot get these two to cooperate and take a picture. She’s upset cuz she’s hungry and he’s upset cuz he wants to play with the camera. *sigh* such is life.

I don’t like rewriting the description of the book.  You can read that on the back of the book or the website you purchased the book from. I will let you know of spoilers, and promise to give you 100% of my opinion. I hope you like what you see. Since I just revamped this site,I am hoping for your opinion on it and how I review my books. So, please, leave a comment.

Some books lend themselves to a long-winded me, others I enjoy for the pure pleasure of escaping my reality. So you will see varying degrees of my reviews.