I have Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

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In March I noticed a lump, then in April I got really sick with flu-like symptoms. I was in bed, down-for-the-count for 2 weeks. In May, I saw my Nurse Practitioner who wanted to wait another month and see if the 3 lumps I now had would go away.  By the time I got back from Canada in June, I had several more.  My doctor and nurse practitioner worked together to order labs, radiology scans, and a lymph node biopsy.  Our surgery crew at BDCH was excellent and, for the first time, I didn’t have any Post-Operative Nausea and Vomiting!!! YAY!!

The final word came in: Follicular B-Cell Lymphoma. Was I disappointed? Yes.  In my heart, I knew that’s what it was. I have a significant family history of NHL.

I met with the HemOncologist from UW Hospital. He explained that I have slow replicating cells. They look at the cumulative size of all my affected lymph nodes scattered throughout my body. Right now it is collectively not big enough to treat.

When a node gets to be >8cm OR the total nodes get to be larger than a specific “pile” OR my symptoms are affecting my quality of life OR my labs start looking bad (they are fabulous right now), THEN we will start treatment.

Treatment options are:

  • participating in a clinical trial at UW
  • getting weekly IV injections of Rituximab as an outpatient (it has no side effects!)
  • adding on chemotherapy, if recommended

Right now, we are going to reevaluate in October and go from there.

This is going to be a long fight and I need positive people/attitudes in my corner. I don’t want pity. Don’t ask me how I’m doing.  If I have a problem/not feeling good, I’ll let you know. I am no different today than I was the last time I talked to you.

My last request is to ask you to pray for strength, peace and God’s will.

Thank you all for your support and understanding.

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