Healing Love by Jennifer Slattery

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Healing Love  by Jennifer Slattery

4 stars


I loved this book, the reluctance, the conflict, the faith. This book made me want to go on a mission trip. Since I can’t go right now, I can serve Him locally in our food pantry and soup kitchen.

I’d heard of someone complaining about sexual overtones in this book. Yes, there are light suggestions of incest and rape. But if we ignored all the bad situations in our world, aren’t we condoning them. This is reality. Let’s shed light on these evil situations and chase Satan away with God’s enduring love.
Bad things happen to bring us closer to Him.

Last August I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Slattery in Nashville, TN for the Christian Fiction Reader’s Retreat. I’d never heard of her. But she’s got curly hair like mine, so I knew we had to be friends!! 

I bought one of her books then. Then I got a couple more. And the more I read her books, the more I loved them! Beyond I Do and Restoring Love are my faves! When Dawn Breaks and Breaking Free are already on my bookshelves, waiting to be read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review


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