Pattern review for St Nicholas Stocking Cap for Crochet Kitten

Posted by Amy Kittel on January 21st, 2016 filed in Uncategorized


First off I would like to thank Mono for modeling this lovely hat. Thank you, Mono!
Mono saw this hat and knew it would match his personality better than it would on David the Garden Gnome. (David is just too stiff.)

And a great big thank you to Crochet Kitten for letting me try out this pattern!
At first I was “slip stitch? Ugh.” But now I feel better about slip stitch and how to make to work!
Working this side to side gave it a “stretch factor”. I see many hats donated to the newborns and the knit ones fit and stretch. The crochet ones, while are beautiful, don’t stretch. BUT this side to side with slip stitch makes it so it does! And the wavy pattern is so cute!

My only suggestion is GO VERY LOOSE WITH SL ST. Go in, yo, pull out, and pull that loop even with your original loop on your hook, THEN pull it through. I’d practice sl st for several rows in a swatch until you get the hang out it. It will make your ability to go into the next row of sl st soooooo much easier.

You can find this pattern here for free!



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