Trinity’s Arm

Posted by Amy Kittel on July 14th, 2014 filed in Life

On Sunday, Trinity decided she was tall enough to ride Tristan’s bike. But she panicked on the slight decline of driveway and took her feet off the pedals and crashed. She got 2 My Little Pony stickers and a purple splint for her ER visit.


She got a “bow fracture” where the bones bow, not break, like an adult would.


She’s out of swimming, and t ball and gym for the summer.
But she got herself new LaLaLoopsies: Rosy and Stumbles Bumps & Bruises, the nurse and wrapped up teddy bear. Quite appropriately chosen, by herself.

Followed up with ortho doctor today. She got a pink cast for her arm (no, they were not out of purple). 4 weeks at least. She’s doing well. Distraction is her best medicine, but does regularly take Advil and Tylenol with codeine (blech) which she takes, but then drinks a toddler-sized shot of black olive juice with a black olive. (Double blech)

I have confined her to the garden to keep her out of trouble. Sigh. I always knew she was my little trouble maker.


I have a feeling I may need to crochet Pink Escher a pink cast as well.


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  1. 2Annies Says:

    Lmao! Keep her in there and for gods sake don’t water her or she’ll grow some more!

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