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Posted by Amy Kittel on September 10th, 2013 filed in Uncategorized

20130830_071021Someone suggested I start posting my Finished Off (FO) projects on my blog! So here they are! All of these patterns are by Stacy Trock  from FreshStitches.com. The eyes are from SunCatcherEyes.com.

The whale has been thrown around like  a football quite a bit, but M. Richard the Whale seems ok with his lot in life. I’m not sure what kind of yarn i made him from. I threw away the label once I had it wound into a cake. The unicorn and dragon are from walmart cheap yarn.

I made them all for my kids. But so far, Tristan has been sleeping with them all.

You can visit my Ravelry page and view more info there.


20130904_130911-1 20130904_130926 20130904_131044 20130904_131101

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