A Place to Belong. Wild West Wind #3 by Lauraine Snelling

Posted by Amy Kittel on June 13th, 2013 filed in Uncategorized

I just finished reading The Wild West Wind series. It was pretty great! I’ve enjoyed Lauraine’s storytelling throughout all her books, and this series is no different.

In regards to Wild West Wind,  I love how things seem hopeless at times and still manage to work out in the end. I love the history she put into this book, and the learning the character had to do. Although sometimes I think some authors relay the characters thinkings and revelations in different ways and sometimes it seems the characters quickly jumped to the answer/belief because they needed to or time was running out for the author on the deadline.  I guess I like more introspection on my characters. But at the same time, I like lots of dialog too. I can’t win!

Can’t wreck the story for you, but us romantics always know how it ends! My husband asks me why I even bother reading if I know who ends up with whom. It’s the journey of how to get there. sure I could read the last chapter and know the ending, but it is everything in the middle that counts!!!

I could see her starting another series off some characters in this book.

A big thank you for NovelCrossing.com and Bethany House Publishers for a copy of this book for review.

4 Stars

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