Posted by Amy Kittel on March 26th, 2011 filed in Life

As a blogger I frequently get spam from bots. I usually don’t read them, cuz they are from “viagra” or “mortgage your house here”, neither of which have anything to do with Christian fiction.

However, I think I need to share this one. The hubby and I were laughing of the ridiculousness of this one. Please….. read it slowly.               You’d think computers would have generated better translators than this one!!

“Considerably I did commencement this earlier and went the same response, merely the information submitted here appears more informative. I will articulate that people really are trying to assistant at there best and we forever stimulate to know some or the other thing good from each other. Thank you for starting the discussion again. And I will likewise spot the earlier info here to build it more helpful for all. Thanks again and proceed up the good work.”

Sorry, dude, but that was not even remotely close to what you wanted to say, right?  🙂


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