A Review: Unwrapping Christmas

Posted by Amy Kittel on March 26th, 2011 filed in Kindle, Lori Copeland

By Lori Copeland

Published by Zondervan in 2007

I downloaded this book to my Kindle for free a few months ago. So when I decided to read it last week, I didn’t remember what it was about. Sometimes that can be nice, not knowing what is going to happen. But sometimes it is difficult since you don’t know what to anticipate in the story.

Rose was caught up in the busyness of doing God’s work. She needs to do it all. And she will. She just needs to rearrange things… again. Her family will understand. They always do. But why does she feel so unsettled?

This is the first contemporary Fiction book I have read by Ms. Copeland since her series Brides of the West of 6 women heading west on a wagon train.

4 stars for the story that was too short and could have had another 2-3 chapters. But a great story on slowing down and letting God’s work be everyone’s work.

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