Reviews: Her Mother’s Hope & Her Daughter’s Dream

Posted by Amy Kittel on January 30th, 2011 filed in Francine Rivers

by Francine Rivers
Marta’s Legacy Series
Published by Tyndale House in 2010

You cannot review one book without the other.I’m glad Mrs. Rivers took her time writing these two books. Someone commented on how well she does character development. Which is very true. I was very much in to Marta and her life. But when she changed the story over to Hildie’s point of view… ehhh.. not so much. I didn’t care for her. To me, Hildie was just like a character in any other book. Carolyn’s character was developed well. But not as much as Marta, and not as much as May Flower Dawn.

As I got to the end of books 2, I could see so many similarities in the relationships of my husband, his father, my husband’s grandmother, and their relationships with my young son and daughter. And yet I cannot be Dawn and make them sit in a room to straighten it all out. But having read this books, gives me a little insight into what may have happened to cause these rifts and bonds in these 4 generations.

It was nice to travel through from 1900 to 2010. Amazing to review everything that has happened in the last 100 years, and America’s thoughts on all these events.

I have to give Her Mother’s Hope 4 stars for the decreased character development in Hildie. But Her Daughter’s Dream gets 5 Stars.

Her Mother’s Hope

Her Daughter’s Dream

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