Home to Blessing: No Distance Too Far #2

Posted by Amy Kittel on January 21st, 2011 filed in Lauraine Snelling

By Lauraine Snelling

Published by Bethany House  in 2010

A continuation of Book #1 (see http://blog.amykittel.com/2010/12/home-to-blessing-a-measure-of-mercy-1/ ). Astrid is finally learning how to listen to God and figuring out when and how he answers. I know we all wish it was a resounding “yes” or “no”.  A straight LOUD answer. And an answer NOW, not in 3 months. We like to PLAN, we want to know what to expect.  As humans we worry to much. Can’t you save us from that, God, and just TELL us, now.

How many times have those thoughts gone through our head? Too often. Astrid felt the same way. But all things happen for a reason. And the reasons make you a better person. Right?

I love reading these books of Lauraine’s to help me get away.

4 stars.

Home to Blessing: No Distance Too Far #2

Thank you to CreativeMadnessMama for a copy to review.

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