The Homeward Trilogy: Claim #3

Posted by Amy Kittel on January 21st, 2011 filed in Lisa Tawn Bergren

by Lisa T. Bergren

Published by David C. Cook in 2010

Book #1, Breathe, in which Odessa overcomes her severe symptoms of Tuberculosis, aka Consumption in the 1800s. In book #2, Her sister Moira takes her inheritance to gain the stage, against her father’s wishes, and is fighting a losing battle. Book #3 is about their brother, Dominic is forced in to a situation he never wanted. A fighter since he was little, hijacked onto a ship rounding South America, Nic meets some very unfortunate situations and greedy men.

Ever read a book where the characters and situations were so well described that you wanted to kill the bad guy yourself? I’ve only read a few of those, and these authors deserve a lot of praise. Well, Ms. Bergren happens to be one of them.

Some books lend themselves to a long-winded me, others I enjoy for the pure pleasure of escaping my reality. This series is a reality escaper for me.

I give this book 5 stars. Go read it to see if they get the bad guys.

The Homeward Trilogy: Claim#3

Thank you to CreativeMadnessMama for a copy to review.

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