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Posted by Amy Kittel on December 23rd, 2010 filed in Ann H Gabhart

by Ann H. Gabhart

This book appears to have an Amish front cover from a quick glance. Don’t be fooled. this book is about Shakers. A close relation to Quakers.

As I was reading this book I wanted to put it down because of the conflicting beliefs, not knowing spiritually how the book would end. I usually don’t talk to my husband about my books unless I really like the story, but this one just bothered me  and we ended up in a 30 minute discussion about my own Christian beliefs and the contrasts of the Shakers.

He was interested in their way of life and Googled them and found out there are only 3 Shakers still living, located in Maine.

There are 2 other Shaker books by this author and I have not decided if I want thread them or not. My friend and fellow book-reviewer CherryBlossomMJ stated “And that’s why I didn’t get past the intro…”

It is an interesting read, but be prepared for something different.

Thank you to CreativeMadnessMama for a copy to review.

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