Lights of Lowell series #1: A Tapestry of Hope

Posted by Amy Kittel on June 1st, 2006 filed in Judith Miller, Tracie Peterson

Published: 2003 384 Pages

Southern belle, Jasmine Wainwright is the daughter of a wealthy cotton plantation owner. Naive in the ways of business, Jasmine believes her father would not force her to marry Bradley Houston purely for business purposes. But such has been done. Moving north to his home, Jasmine cannot keep her Mammy in the Free north, but she can have indentured servants. Jasmine fights to find the truth and reality of slaves and appreances in social circles in the North and South. Will the truth set Jasmine, the slaves, or indentured sevants free, or will lies bind them forever to their deceitful masters?

Finished May, 2006

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