Mail Order Bride Series:#1 Secrets of the Heart

Posted by Amy Kittel on April 4th, 2006 filed in Al & Joanna Lacy

Published: 1998 301 Pages

I loved this book!! It started out telling about the Chicago Fire. And you get to meet Mrs. O’Leary and her cow!! Just full of historical facts. Kathleen heard a sermon by D.L. Moody that kept in her mind for over 5 years. Even after marrying, having a child, losing her husband, and plotting her revenge; these bits of sermon just kept popping back to her. As a Christian, it is always important to be careful with what we say. Displaying our Christian attitude (and non-Christian attitude) can be remembered by a non-believer for many years. Always pray for those you know that need help finding the Lord. And read this book to see if Kathleen can get her daughter back and find the Lord.

Finished March 30, 2006

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