Dakota Treasures #4: Amethyst

Posted by Amy Kittel on December 15th, 2005 filed in Lauraine Snelling

Published: 2005 320 Pages

For me it was a long awaited book, that I didn’t even know if it was being written. Have you ever thought “I wish she/he would write another book and continue on the story… what would I name the book?”.. Well, I had these thoughts. There were no indications of a 4th book, and I was thinking what other jewel could be used as a name (the first 3 books were Ruby, Pearl, & Opal). I became selfish and immediately thought of my birthstone, amethyst, and could not think of any other precious stones that could have been a name used in the late 1800s. When I saw that Amethyst was coming out, I told everyone my thoughts above. And the story was just as wonderful.
As the conclusion to the series it wraps everything up and finishes all the stories from the previous three. It was amazing how they tied in Amethyst to the previous characters storyline. I could not put it down. Have you thought that love has passed you by? God has someone in store for all of us, God has plenty of time to get us together, we need to learn to be patient.

Finished Nov 2005

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